When Garnett and Beverly first began collaborating, they each brought years of experience as solo artists to the stage. But it's together that they've created the remarkable sound and energy that is at once so powerful and inspirational. Based in Seattle, their music has taken them around the United States, to Mexico, South America, Australia and Egypt. They've performed with such well-known speakers as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gary Zukov, Don Miguel Ruiz, Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis and Mary Morrissey. In 2002, Garnett and Beverly released their first CD together, "Live Flat Out", "Christmas" with Rob Cook in 2005 and "Within & Without their third CD in 2009. Garnett and Beverly are currently performing at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle, and other local Seattle churches. Check the performance calendar for a location near you. "Joining forces (...with Garnett...with Beverly) has been the joy of a lifetime." "Singing is a gift one person may have, but everyone can share!"


Garnett was born on a Virginia Army out-post, the daughter of an Army Chaplain father and school teacher mother. She began singing as a joyful way to stay engaged during oh-so-many church services - and never stopped. She sang with the Bar-Belles (barbershop), First Church Christian Church, Anarundel High Select - anyone who would have her. She headed to the College of Wooster in Ohio - her focus on music, where she met Mark Brown, singer/pianist/guitarist/trumpeter, with whom she formed the band Stonehouse. Up to this point, Garnett's musical life had encompassed only classical and sacred music, but it was quickly expanded to include folk, country and pop. After college, Garnett and Mark went on to travel as a musical team for the next 20 years (yes, they were hippies). Stonehouse produced two vinyl albums, "New Again" and "Buck Up"; hit the musical theater stage with the original production of Charlie Parkhurst; went through various personnel changes and emerged as Garnett Brown & Reed, a high-energy, masterful 3-part lead-vocal harmony band, in the mid-80's. Following the success of Garnett Brown & Reed, Hundley and Brown joined forces with master jazz & blues-man, Paul West, to form the group Surprise. After the birth of Nathan in 1987, Garnett took time away from theater and music, surfacing to discover the New Thought spiritual movement and form the trio Sorella in 1988. Sorella, Italian for sister, recorded "In Spirit" in 1999. Garnett currently performs as a solo act and with Beverly Daugherty, with whom she conceived, and produced their recordings, Live Flat Out, Christmas, Right Here, Right Now and Within & Without.      


Beverly was destined to be a singer/songwriter/performer from the early age of 10 when she formed her first all-girl band, Unauthorized Personnel, to perform at the local school talent show. Through her teen years she continued singing and playing guitar for anyone who would listen. At the age of 15 she had a "spiritual experience" and only sang "Jesus hippie music" until coming to her senses sometime in her twenties when she found the New Thought movement.  Beverly sings, plays guitar, piano, bass, banjo and even drums when pressed.   She is the Music Director at the Center for Spiritual Living and also performs with Garnett Hundley, with whom she has released over 7 CDs under the Born Innocent Record label.