REVIEW FOR MAMA'S COUNTRY ALBUM:"I love this nostalgic selection of classic tunes brought back to life with Garnett’s delightful vocals and a great backup band.  Young At Heart is my very favorite.  The combination of Garnett’s lilting voice with Rob Cook’s playful accompaniment on the piano, make this a charming, feel-good song.  It makes me smile every time I hear it!" -Avid Fan”
REVIEWS FOR WITHIN & WITHOUT:"Thank you so much for sending me your new fabulous CD. Loved all the songs, the arrangements and of course your amazing singing.... and loved what you did with Loving Kindness - what a new take on a song I have been singing in such a different way for years. You breathed new life into it for me - so inspiring! I know that this CD will be a huge success for you. Hope to see you both again soon!"- Karen Drucker - New Thought Recording Artist Thank you for your gorgeous rendition of We Can Be Kind. Congratulations on beautifully sung and produced work, and I'm grateful that you've made my song a part of it."- David Friedman - Composer, Director and Record Producer Thank you for including Choose Love in your beautiful album. You guys sound so sweet together."- Bunny Hull - Grammy Award®-Winning Songwriter, "New Attitude Garnett & Beverly's Within & Without is a giant step forward in the conception and realization of music for the spiritual journey. It is contemporary and classic, elegant and fresh, upbeat & meditative, personal and universal.  This new work satisfies my soul, my mind, my heart and reminds me of what has always been most important to me.  It challenges all of us who are seeking to create meaningful spiritual experiences for ourselves and others."  - Rev John McLean - Spiritual Director, Unity of Nashville- Nashille The whole CD is thrilling. The message is deep and the arrangements diverse.  Everything I love in my commute music."- Rev Dr. Kathianne Lewis - Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living - Seattle  Within & Without is all you want from an inspirational CD - great voices, great songs, and great arrangements. Thanks, Garnett and Beverly for another wonderful recording project!"- Rev Eric O’del - Spiritual Director, Amazing Grace Spiritual Center  Within & Without is a feast from masters in the spiritual kitchen.  The most delicious arrangements, luscious vocals and gorgeous production quality make this not just a rich professional collection but a complete and satisfying musical journey.  Originals and classics, deconstructed and reinvented with loving care for a contemporary spiritual audience."- Erin McGaughan - Seattle Unity, Joyful Arts Ministry”
REVIEWS FOR RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW:“Simply beautiful. Let  ‘Right Here, Right Now’ lift you from daydream to full meditation and sacred bliss."- Erin McGaughan -Seattle Unity, Joyful Arts Ministry"Seldom do we get the chance to be transported to a place of great peace, love and serenity, however Garnett's CD does just that. Her voice and lyrics are a soothing antidote to human concerns. Listen and be blessed."- Rev, Dr. Kathianne Lewis - Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living - Seattle  "This is the album that Garnett's fans have been waiting for. Beautifully produced, "Right Here, Right Now" is an exquisite collection of great songs that perfectly capture Garnett's signature depth of feeling and soulfulness. The arrangements are wonderful and the effect is like being warmed by a fire in a beach house on a blustery night. Delicious!"- Rev. Eric O’del, Spiritual Director, Amazing Grace Spiritual Center”
Christmas ~ Garnett & Beverly with Rob Cook  Christmas is even more special this year with Garnett & Beverly's new holiday release. Garnett Hundley and Beverly Daugherty are two women of faith and two powerful vocalists; here, they join with master pianist Rob Cook for a jazzy, new-age gem that is charming in construction and execution. Garnett and Beverly both possess outstanding pipes, but the liner notes and the artists' Web site do not specify who-sings-what. I discovered the appropriate attribution for these excellent numbers only after checking directly with the artists themselves. Garnett's vocal range is huge (she can actually sing soprano, alto AND tenor!) and reflects surprising versatility. Beverly also sings with exceptional richness and texture. Together, these two ladies are terrific, creating an offering that is excellent (albeit too short at under 37 minutes) for the holidays. The album opens grandly with the "O Come" medley, a blend of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." The first carol belongs to Garnett, who opens with an a cappella crystalline call before adding layers of heavenly harmony. As her voice recedes, Cook's extraordinary piano takes center stage, playing over the vocal layers to establish "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." On this second carol, Garnett begins to sing again, but this time the women trade verses, ending with exquisite harmonies that float above Cook's delicate piano stylings. The effect is breathtaking, and the number's overall intricacies make it one of the finest holiday medleys I have ever heard! This Christmas album is consistently glorious. The second track is Thad Jones' inspirational "A Child Is Born," the always wonderful "Coventry Carol" is especially winning here, Cook cleverly creates a piano drum on the bouncing "Little Drummer Boy," and Garnett's "Mary Did You Know?" is an emotive delight. My favorite piece, however, has to be the outstanding "In the Bleak Midwinter with Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" combination; Garnett presents the first carol a cappella before Beverly transitions into the second carol over Cook's fine piano playing. The two traditional numbers are blended perfectly as the two women ultimately harmonize together. Just amazing! It is important to point out that Rob Cook is more than just sterling accompaniment for the women's vocals here. His piano truly is a strong, third voice, expressive and impressive in its own right. He also presents two instrumentals on the album--"It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" and "I Wonder as I Wander," dynamic pieces overflowing with jazzy character. The closing "Silent Night" caps off the endeavor with beauty and class. Garnett's pure vocals lead the way, clean and tender, before Beverly's superb harmonies blossom. As always, Cook's capable piano framework only enriches the picture, providing a sophisticated interlude before Garnett picks up the melody once again. For anyone who adores great singing and first-class piano for the holidays, Garnett & Beverly's Christmas is to be cherished. It is simple, yet profound. Absolutely gorgeous! --Carol Swanson” - Carol Swanson