From the recording We Can Be Kind FREE DOWNLOAD

Thanks to our friend, David Friedman, we are allowing a free download to you this Holiday. Please pass the gift of "kindness" forward to all of your friends and family. Ask them to pass it on to all of theier friends and family and "maybe we'll find true peace of mind if we always remember, WE CAN BE KIND."     


WE CAN BE KINDWords/music by David Friedman
So many things we can’t controlSo many hurts that happen every daySo many heartaches that pierce the soulSo much pain that won’t ever go awayHow do we make it better?How do we make it through?What can we do when there’s nothing we can do?
We can be kindWe can take care of each otherWe can remember that deep down insideWe all need the same thingAnd maybe we’ll findIf we are there for each otherThat together we’ll weatherWhatever tomorrow may bring
Nobody really wants to fightNobody really wants to go to warEveryone wants to make things rightSo what are we always fighting for?Does nobody want to see it?Does nobody understand?The power to heal is right here in our hand
And it’s not enough to talk about itNot enough to sing a songWe must walk the walk about itYou and I – do or dieWe’ve got to try to get along
And maybe we’ll find true peace of mindIf we always rememberWe can be kind.